Friday, 6 July 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: Assessing Your Wholesaler’s Customer Service

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President and longtime company leader, knows how important it is to focus on the customer experience. A trusted wholesale fragrance distributor and solutions provider for more than 30 years, Ankur Nandansons would not be the industry leader it is today without that focus; one that prioritizes quality, responsiveness and transparency above all else.

Ankur and Nandansons understand that customer service is crucial, particularly when seeking out a fragrance wholesaler from which to purchase your company’s product. While pricing and shipping are undoubtedly important concerns, reliable customer service is key to ensuring you have the information and insight you need to always make the best decisions possible for your enterprise.

When assessing your wholesaler’s customer service apparatus, it’s important to consider:

Methods of Contact Knowing what contact methods the wholesaler offers, as well as average wait or response times, is crucial to gauging the company’s responsiveness.

Hours of Availability Before making a purchase, be sure you understand the wholesaler’s hours of operation, particularly if that company is located oversees. It’s important to know that major scheduling concessions won’t need to be made just to learn more about the status of a time-sensitive shipment down the road.

Human or Automation Will you be expressing your future concerns to a person, or will you be subject to the whims of an automated response system? The latter can often lead to significant delays in terms of receiving a response.

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Sunday, 20 May 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: Technology Essential to What We Do

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President since 1995, provides leading wholesale fragrance distribution services and solutions to customers throughout the world. As leaders in wholesale distribution, Gupta and his team know the value of technology not only to their work, but in the short- and long-term survival of supply chain specialists and firms throughout the industry.

Ankur Gupta and the Nandansons team employ the use of cutting-edge software and processes to continually provide retail outlets the best value possible. With state-of-the-art software, inventory control and fulfillment processes, and the latest in tracking and automation technology, Nandansons is able to order transparency and inventory accuracy from order to fulfillment.  Such technology makes connecting retail customers with processes easier then ever, creating a level of confidence and transparency never before possible. 

As an experienced wholesale distributor, Nandansons utilizes the power of cutting-edge software and technology to optimize warehouse and inventory management, to ensure transparency at every aspect of the supply chain, and to connect customers with distribution processes in a way that cultivates trust, confidence and customer loyalty more effectively than ever. 

As industry leaders in prestige fragrance distribution for over three decades, the Nandansons team is always looking for ways to better meet the needs of the customer. To learn more about what accuracy, transparency and supply chain management mean to Nandansons, visit their website today.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: A State-of-the-Art Fragrance Distribution Enterprise

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President, looks to provide fragrance retailers the support and solutions they need to compete on the highest level. With complete, custom-built fragrance retail solutions that cover the entire supply chain, as well as a state-of-the-art, centrally-located 55000-square-foot warehouse at their disposal, Ankur Nandansons is equipped to support and elevate your retail fragrance enterprise each step of the way.

An innovative, forward-thinking approach and years of fragrance distribution expertise are what set Ankur Gupta and Nandansons apart from the rest. Their large, cutting-edge process and facilities enable the Nandansons team to not just provide customized distribution services around the clock, but to ensure your business has the 24/7, 365-days-a-year network of support your business needs to grow and thrive well into the future. A fully-automated order and fulfillment process, combined with an advanced enterprise resource planning technology ensure customers have access to the brand-name prestige fragrances they need to connect with their target audiences, cultivate customer loyalty and remain competitive in the target market for years to come. 

With access to an extensive fragrance inventory and innovative, refined fragrance enterprise and distribution solutions, Nandansons customers have everything they need to achieve the level of competitiveness they’ve been searching for. Visit Nandansons today to learn more about the opportunities they have for you.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: Support of The Water Project

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President, is proud of his firm’s recent financial support of The Water Project; a nonprofit organization which works, with the help and support of others, to create access to clean sources of water to villages and impoverished communities throughout nations in Africa. Through the Nandansons Charitable Foundation, Gupta, his family and his team are able to help in-need families and communities the fresh water resources they need to live happy, healthier lives.

Ankur and Nandansons recently collaborated on a clean water project in support of the Nyira Village, a small community located in Western Kenya. Through funding from the Nandansons Charitable Foundation (NCF), The Water Project and the Western Water and Sanitation Forum worked to de-contaminate the Malezi Spring, the village’s primary source of water, and to establish a program for proper and effective maintenance of the spring well into the future.

The Malezi Spring, which was once the source of water-borne illnesses suffered by local villagers, is now a fount of health and hope to the more than 200 people living in the Nyira Village, thanks to the efforts of The Water Project and the contributions of generous benefactors such as the Nandansons Charitable Foundation.
To learn more about The Water Project’s work in the Nyira Village, and the NCF’s role in bringing clean water to a village in need, visit the Nandansons’ blog today.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons CEO: Standing Up to Cancer

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons CEO, looks forward to the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. A company leader and visionary for many years, Ankur is proud of his family’s and his organization’s ongoing support of local, national and international charities through the Nandansons Charitable Foundation, an important source of financial support to a large variety of nonprofits throughout New Jersey and the United States.

One recipient of Ankur and Nandansons’ support is the Stand Up to Cancer organization, which, in connection with prominent members of the cancer research community, raises money for grants which fund collaborative cancer research efforts throughout the world. Rather than foster competition among those in cancer research, Stand Up To Cancer aims to encourage more cooperation among such professionals, particularly as it applies to high-risk, groundbreaking research projects which could potentially have a significant impact on cancer patient care.

These so-named Innovative Research Grants are awarded to “Dream Teams” in cancer research; groups composed of the most skilled, dedicated and promising cancer research professionals from around the world who share the organization’s commitment to care, treatment and cure discovery. For more information, visit

Friday, 9 March 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons CEO: Promoting Healthy Heartbeats through the American Heart Association

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons CEO, has dedicated both himself and his company to social responsibility. Through the Nandansons Charitable Foundation, Gupta and his team support a variety of charitable organizations, including the American Heart Association.

Through their support of the American Heart Association, or AHA, Ankur Gupta and Nandansons demonstrate their commitment to not only raising awareness of heart disease, who’s at risk and what can be done in terms of prevention, but also to funding research efforts designed to uncover new and more innovative heart disease treatments, as well as to support services and programs for individuals who have survived the disease’s impact.


According to the Association’s website, a person dies from heart disease, stroke or another related cardiovascular diseases every 43 seconds (U.S), leaving behind friends and family as well as a physical and emotional void with no way of filling. Ultimately, this is the inspiration behind everything the AHA does; raising awareness, promoting heart health and seeking out better, more effective ways to mitigate, if not eliminate, this all to prevalent condition.
To learn more about the AHA or how to make a contribution, visit

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons CEO: Providing Hope through Habitat for Humanity

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons CEO, is committed to supporting causes which make on ongoing difference in the local community and around the world. The leader of his family-owned firm for decades, Gupta has made social responsibility a key part of the Nandansons’ platform, one reason for the creation and continued success of the Nandansons Charitable Foundation.

Ankur Gupta and the Nandansons Charitable Foundation are ardent supporters of Habitat for Humanity, an organization which, through the generosity of volunteers, makes affordable housing available to in-need families and communities throughout the United States and around the world. A source of housing stability for many around the globe, Habitat for Humanity ensures families have the security of a decent, affordable housing from which to build and sustain happy and successful lives.

The Habitat for Humanity mission to make housing accessible to all sprang up from the recognition that individuals and families could rarely afford to protect and secure the welfare of themselves and their loved ones without a decent place to live. Founded in 1979, Habitat for Humanity looks to provide the housing and support needed to help stem the tide of poverty in communities around the globe, and to make housing opportunity a real possibility for all.   

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Ankur Gupta: The Continued Growth of Nandansons

Ankur Gupta is the President of Nandansons International, Inc., which was founded by his father in 1979. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from New York University and is devoted to the continued growth of Nandansons. 

Since Nandansons International, Inc., was founded, it has maintained its place as one of the world’s leading fragrance distribution companies. Under Ankur Nandansons’s watch, it’s already-impressive numbers will surely continue growing.

Ankur Nandansons

“With 8,000 SKUs spread over 200 brands, Nandansons is active globally in more than 60 countries,” reads the company website. “From the Pacific to the Atlantic and in every state in between, we are renowned for building quality fragrance brands in the United States, and pride ourselves in having ongoing relationships with our many domestic retail partners.”

Visit to keep reading about Ankur Gupta and Nandansons International, Inc. There, you can also learn about the Nandansons Charitable Foundation, which supports more than fifty nonprofit organizations.  

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President: Assessing Your Wholesaler’s Customer Service

Ankur Gupta, Nandansons President and longtime company leader, knows how important it is to focus on the customer experience. A trusted wh...